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Dedicated to YOU

Welcome to Overhaul Salon & Tanning. Most of you reading this have already been here and experienced all we have to offer here. However, there are a few of you who have not. I am here to tell you a little about us and who we are as a salon.

Hi, My name is Sadie Frame, I have been a hairstylist since 2008. My dream to be a cosmetologist started when I was 5 years old. I attempted to give my barbie doll a makeover by cutting her hair. Lets just say, it did not turn out how it should have. She may or may not have had a shaved head by the time I was done. *add loud laugh caption here* Id like to say I have come a long ways since then, and have become, what I would like to say, a successful hairstylist and business owner.

I opened Overhaul Salon & Tanning in September of 2016, in Lincoln, ND. I know, all the way out in Lincoln! In all reality, it is not all that far from Bismarck, and it is no different than driving from the North side of Bismarck to the South side. Take the right roads, and you will be here faster than you think. Lincoln is a great community and is rapidly growing! The opportunity to have a business out here is fantastic, and has been extremely rewarding! My clients come from all over the area. I have the local Lincoln clientele, as well as Bismarck, Mandan, Linton, Riverdale, Hebron and more.

We offer a variety of Services, including Haircuts, Technical Coloring services, Personal Styles and Tanning. We also have Dr. Sandee Funk with Horizon Chiropractic & Wellness, and Katrina Englehardt with Massage by Katrina! Working with these ladies has been a true blessing! All 3 of us have been through hardships as single mothers, and we have grown in our own businesses. It is great to be in the presence of such great, independent, motivated women!

This is just a little information about us out here at Overhaul Salon. Please, don't hesitate to stop in, give us a call, message us, anything! We are dedicated to our customers, helping YOU look great, and feel even BETTER!

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