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A little about me...

Hey thats me! :)

Hello everyone, My name is Sadie, a 29 year old mom, business owner, and badass hairdresser! The picture above was one I used for a headshot for the Salon. Pretty serious huh? Honestly, I am anything but, most of the time! Count me in on all of the inappropriate comments, sarcastic sayings, and anything fun and obnoxious! That would be me!

I will make it short and sweet. I am from Bismarck, ND. Home sweet home! Graduated High School in 2007, finished hair school in August of 2008, gave birth to a beautiful boy in December of 2008, lived life as best I could, and opened my own salon in 2016!

I have been through hardships and life lessons, love and deceit all in that time, and I will capitalize on those moments in later blogs.

My beautiful son Drayton and our kitty Scout.

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